Fireside Chat with Robert Oswell

Join us and hear the story of Founder and Owner of Roswell Global, Robert Oswell. From moving out of his garage to rent his home out for business capital along with taking out loans at the age of just 19 to now having sold more than $100 million in products, Robert has made quite the journey and in February he is going to share that story with us! We will be at the Roswell Global facility in Rockledge so not only will we have the opportunity to hear his story, but also to get a look at his facility! 

Learn more about Roswell Global by watching their video here.

February 5, 2019 | 5pm to 7:00 pm
2900 Murrell Rd., Rockledge, Fl 32955.

Tickets: $25 | Register online now! 



Robert’s Bio:

In 1998, Robert Oswell started Roswell out of his garage in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Since then he has built the company into a multinational business conglomerate with offices all over the world, selling more than $100 million in products on six continents.

A true entrepreneur, Robert has spent the last 20 years bringing more than 400 products to market that have challenged industry norms and provided customers with experiences that make their lives better. As Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Robert leads a global team of more than 250 talented professionals and employees in the design, marketing, sale, and manufacture of a variety of products in the marine, marine audio, and home audio industries. Roswell is known for integrating innovation and technology into their products, with more than 20 patents, issued or pending, many of their designs have become watersports industry standards.

The Roswell Global group of companies designs and manufactures innovative products for a number of business segments including Towers & Marine Accessories, Marine Audio, and Watersports products. Roswell’s OEM and consumer products are marketed and distributed around the world.